Life Skills

(Yoga, Physical Fitness, Health and Hygience)

The best way to reset and re-centre life is to invest in Life Skills. Yoga enables the body to repair and be fit for entire life. The energy infused by these life skills allows body and soul to replenish, adapt and become stronger. It gives time to the body to heal and recover physically and spiritually.
NSS, NCC, YOUTH CLUB AND RED CROSS SOCIETY, Food Processing and Engineering, Nanhi Chaan cell, Girls welfare committee are robust platforms where various programs are organized to infuse life skills in students.
Students are imparted the important lesson of finding time for themselves for mindfulness. Taking a few minutes from your schedule to meditate, to connect with yourselves goes a long way to have a sound personality. The working of our minds plays a big role in our wellbeing. Research shows that finding the best coping strategies for mental health is important for the longevity of your life span.
 Stress, trauma, depression, anxiety and anger are linked to chronic illness and poor interpersonal relationships, which are needed not only to survive but survive too. Coping mechanism is the key.
These platforms teach how to accept you the way you are without the external pressure of validation by reflecting inwards so that whatever lifestyle or nutrition tweaks you make will be for the right reasons and so much more sustainable.
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