Old Students Association

OSA is a registered body of the institution which facilitates nostalgic journey of the students. The college takes pride in its alumni who once were learners and now when they come back as mature, experienced human beings to interact with faculty and the students, their experience proves to be a great resource for the institution to enrich itself in diverse ways. They visit college and enthrall young minds and equip them with ideas to dream. Talks, Webinars, Interactive Talks Mentorship programs and Demonstrations by former students are a regular feature organized by this platform. Those living abroad are made to connect with the existing students through Video Conferencing under Alumni Connect program. Our students residing in Spain, Norway, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world have developed their chapters and they often meet and discuss about the welfare of their institution.

Alma bay is another initiative where old and present students converge on one platform where seniors share with their juniors about various vacancies and positions available in the market and skills required to become worthy of those. Thus, they help juniors to get a foothold in the job market from where they can build their careers. Through this app, we can locate our students, 

The college boasts of its alumni spreading its legacy throughout the world. The institute loves to honour them for their distinguished achievements by awarding them College Ratan Awards.

Some of our distinguished alumni are, to name a few: S. Inderjit Singh Sidhu, Nuclear Scientist in USA, S. Amarjit Singh Oberoi, Director, ILO, UN (Retd.), S. Sukhjit Singh Chahal (Doctor of medicine, USA), Sh. Om Puri (Internationally Acclaimed Actor), Dr. Gurnam Singh (Gurmat Sangeet, Padam Shri Recipient), Sh. Abhishek Rana (International Cyclist), Smt. Manjeet Walia (Arjun Awardee), S. Sukhchain Singh (Dronacharya Awardee in Wrestling), Dr. Mohinder Singh (Member, National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions) and S. Darshan Singh Dhaliwal, entrepreneur and philanthropist in Wisconsin. Our alumni are occupying prominent positions in Academics, Sports and Cultural fields and they help posit their college at global level with their commendable achievements.

Our Alumni are our backbone and they prove to be a wonderful treasure trove of  knowledge and suggestions when it comes to designing of the syllabus. With their topical inputs, the college designs the syllabus of all classes in such a way so as to get students immediate attention from employers. Alumni are an important part in every Board of Studies meetings.

Feedback Form available on the college website is an effective tool for the institution to measure its satisfaction level among its stake holders. Feedback by alumni helps college to improve and grow. Feedback is analyzed and action is taken on that earnestly.

Alumni connect to college and give back to institution through educational talks, coaching and mentoring students, doling out tips to help learn better and inspiring them to be good human beings. They are always there with their motivating presence during Sports Meets, Youth Festivals and Academic Coaching programs. Juniors look up to their seniors and learn from them the great lesson of giving back.

The institution loves to place its meritorious students in the college itself. Many of its worthy alumni are working in the college in various capacities and they are valuable part of the Khalsa College Patiala OSA Chapter. They often connect and go down the memory lane. They contribute generously and genuinely towards any kind of need of students. Many books in the library have been gifted by our old students for every one of us to use.

Alumni fund is used to develop infrastructure in the college. OSA park has been developed by our Alumni and every blade of grass and every flower in the park speaks volumes about the love that our old students have for their alma mater.

The following are the members of the OSA Committee constituted by the College for managing the OSA activities and pursuits:


Dr. Balbir Kaur

Associate Professor in Home Science

Mob: 99881-11580

E-mail: osa.kcp1@gmail.com

Dean Alumni

Dr. Manju Mittal

Assistant Professor in Commerce,

Mob: 98143-47923


Prof . Rashi Bansal

Assistant Professor in Mathematics,

Mob: 79863-81219


Dr. Jasleen Kaur Nanda 

Assistant Professor in English

Mob: 97799-00431


Dr. Kirandeep Sandhu

Assistant Professor in Physics,

Mob: 97806-10186



Dr. Poonamdeep Singh

Assistant Professor in Public Administration

Mob: 94782-82097


Prof. Narinder Kaur

Assistant Professor in Mathematics,

Mob: 98556-40960





General Shivdev Singh Diwan Gurbachan Singh

Khalsa College Patiala
Badungar Road


Reception : 0175-2215835

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