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Department of Folk Art & Culture

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“Folk Art is a Nations most precious heritage. For it is in our works of art that we reveal ourselves and to others. The inner vision which guides us as a Nation and where there is no vision the people perish.” The Department of Folk Art & Culture was established in the year 1994. The primary goal of the department is to ingrain in the young minds the importance of preserving the traditional knowledge, expressing their cultural identity and to make them understand what culture signifies.

It emphasises on the need of passing the “Pearls of Culture” to the next generation through an innovative program, integrating oral history, visual arts and creative arts. The significance of the age old rituals which are kept alive through the ceremonies is transmitted to students by inculcating in them the values that the various festivals symbolise. Each cultural pearl brings plethora of knowledge and wisdom to the students and enrich their minds. The Department honours the pearls of culture as National Treasures which are displayed in its museum. The ideas and thoughts of the students are sensitised as their minds are the receptacles of this treasure and these values are manifested through their art. It provides the students a platform to showcase their talent through various exhibitions and competitions.

The Department also undertakes various educational trips and training programs.It acts as a custodian of cultural, ethical and social values for youth. The Department has an interdisciplinary approach as students from all the streams are trained in the performative arts for the various competitions. The Department organises interaction of the students with the Folk artists, who often step out of the monologuing pattern of teaching and transform the classroom environment into an electrifying learning experience through their performance. Local people know the landscapes, the seasons, the plants, the animal, the ecology of their region intimately.

The Department organises interactive sessions for the students with the local people and the students acquire knowledge in an informal manner. The Department holds various workshops and training programs for obtaining praxis for the students. The Department takes a multi-disciplinary initiative by providing training and an opportunity to participate in the Inter-College competitions to students of the college. The Folk motifs and artefacts are collected and displayed to the students. The Department of Folk Art & Culture breeds a sense of aesthetics among the students and introduces them to the understanding of multiculturalism and the appreciation of the traditional art.


Department of Folk Art & Culture
Sandeep Kaur Chahal
Associate Professor

M.A, M.Phil



Department of Folk Art & Culture

Bachelor in Arts with Folk Art and Culture as Subject


Department of Folk Art & Culture

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Department of Folk Art & Culture

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Department of Folk Art & Culture

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