"Strive for Perfection and Settle for Excellence"

Our vision encapsulates the philosophy of our institution. At Khalsa College Patiala, one thread that runs common in all spheres is striving towards Perfection till we achieve Excellence. The one and only objective is to strive towards perfection. All members of the institution, starting from its head, are inclined towards working and evolving till perfection is achieved. As there is no yardstick to measure perfection, we keep on adding, improving, growing and building till we are confident that the work is perfect and it satisfies our conscience. Then after that, we don't rest on perfection. We strongly believe that the most ephemeral thing in the world is Perfection because the moment we start taking pride in it, it starts moving downwards. So to keep moving ahead and upwards, we keep up the speed and move constantly on the way to Excellence. Hence, our working culture, our desire to learn keeps us motivated and helps us achieve Perfection and work towards Excellence. Two verbs, two prepositions, two adjectives and a conjunction in our vision statement is an ode to our vision.


              The mission of the college is to impart holistic education, aiming to make the students time and market relevant, globally competent, morally upright and socially responsible citizens.

  • Our mission statement is five- pronged and all five points are interconnected. They are testimony to the fact that we are committed towards our students and that every student matters to us. We try to address the need of every student and to make our teaching holistic for them.
  • We believe that knowledge is power and holistic knowledge is a powerful tool to make students fit in an ever-changing, ever-evolving needs of the academic world.
  • We design our programmes and courses to equip students navigate successfully through the job interviews, value their worth and can negotiate with the employers.
  • Life skills learnt at the institution empowers them to be successful anywhere they go. Our students are spreading the legacy of the institution at global level and they owe their success to the skills learnt at the college.
  • Various clubs, societies, cells, wings and centres strive towards making students morally responsible. Various platforms host programmes to engage students in healthy discussions so that they can make a difference in the world.
  • We have a strong belief that a comprehensive personality is built when a student is sound academically, morally and spiritually.  Every step is taken to shape personality of the students in such a way that they can contribute their share towards transforming the world.


  • To foster an environment that is conducive to the pursuit of knowledge
  • To enhance the professional competencies and soft skills of the students.
  • To promote and enhance learning that lasts forever.
  • To prepare and train students in a manner which converts them into a work-ready force.

Our objectives comprehensively delineate our vision and mission of sustainable growth as an institution of higher learning.

Our college offers a convivial atmosphere to boost pursuit of knowledge. Our library, departmental libraries, book clubs and discussion in classes on all major issues are a step towards healthy learning.

To create and develop professional competence of the students so that their knowledge receives the attention it deserves. Our syllabus and Extra-curricular activities are a celebration of this objective.

We believe that true education is one that lasts with the students forever. So, life skills, critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills are a major part of our pedagogy.

Various platforms at college makes strides towards equipping students with skills to survive professional challenges. Mock interviews, extension lectures, educational visits and practice sessions make them ready to embrace a profession, stick to it and enjoy a sustainable growth.

Quality Policy

The institution is committed to promote and support all round effective learning and teaching with a view to contribute to the development of a knowledge society through equitable access and widening the participation base in higher education.

Our quality policy aligns with our Vision, Mission and Objectives. The Policy aims to achieve Perfection and Excellence in every step we take to mold the future of young generation towards a brighter tomorrow.  For this, every academic program is designed to hone the skill of students inside and outside the classroom. Every program lets them explore something beyond the syllabus and nudges them to read between the lines. We believe that children are the agents of change, every initiative is taken to engage them into meaningful discussions. In short, our quality Policy aspires to celebrate and acknowledge quality in teaching and learning and ensures that premiere of quality education stays supreme with us always in every sphere.

General Shivdev Singh Diwan Gurbachan Singh

Khalsa College Patiala
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Reception : 0175-2215835

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