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“To be an artist is to believe in life.” – Henry Moore

The Department of Fine Arts was established in the year 1994 to inculcate a sense of Aesthetics in the students of the area and to imbibe in them a lifelong love for art. The course is of three years duration. Department came with just 5 students, In a couple of years the subject became so popular that more than a hundred students opted for it. The infrastructure was spacious and airy which was conductive to the creative pursuits. Many projects were taken up from time to time in the form of workshops of Paintings in water color, Oils, Clay Modeling, Sculpture in stone as well as the environment sculptures that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the campus. The department has contributed immensely to the cultural laurels of the college in the youth festivals year after year. Education in fine arts is an integral part of any institution. Those who have pondered over learning process through the ages, beginning with Plato have emphasized the importance of the arts in the education process.

The Department of Fine Arts' purpose is to select students from various strata of the society and give them exposure to various Art forms of the world apart from our own. After an in-depth study of various art forms; students can develop an indigenous style having a universal appeal. Life is a great boon. One feels really blessed having judicious balance of various aspects. Such a condition makes the student feel really jubilant. He has to render various services to sense this boon. Materialistic pursuits undoubtedly, have their own worth. But for actual realization of contentment and cheerfulness, it requires an aesthetic sense to be developed optimally. It is the base to nourish the feeling of oneness with every object in nature. Fine arts are such a way as it leads to beautiful and charming vision of life. It develops various creative skills. It is enriching cultural potential of students and people. Pursuing fine arts is not merely a hobby, but can be a lucrative career options as well. Fine arts comprise painting, sculptures, applied art/commercial art. Each field is extensive and comprehensive that requires hard work and preservance to get through. One is expected to be amend with basic skills as creativity, imagination and patience as well.


Aims and Objectives:

> To enrich the culture of the people of this region in particular and the nation in general.

> To develop an indigenous style having a universal appeal.

> To create avenues to earn better livelihood.

> To develop student's aesthetic, intellectual, analytical, abilities through programs that integrate theory and practice.

> To aware among the students and the society at large about the social evils rampant in the society.



Department of Fine Arts
Dr. Manvir Kaur
Assistant Professor

M.A, Ph.d


Department of Fine Arts

Elective Subject in three year Degree Bachelor in Arts



Department of Fine Arts

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Department of Fine Arts

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Department of Fine Arts
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