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Department of Defence & Strategic Studies

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"The Supreme Art of War is to Subdue the Enemy without Fighting"

                                                                                                            Sun Tzu


The Department of Defence and Strategic Studies (DODASS) deals with the education of military systems and national security. The course is crafted to understand the strategies and defence management among the civilians of a country. The course is for the students who are willing to serve our nation in various defence forms. It covers the study of Geopolitics, Military Geography, Defence Economics, Nuclear policies etc. It also includes domestic and strategic challenges our national defence and security interests.

The course aims to promote the development of military education and national security among the students. Ample job opportunities are available at Indian army, Air Force, Education corps, defence journalism, Civil services and Public Service Commission.


Areas of Concentration

Areas of concentration within the course include:

  • War and its Various Aspects.

  • International Relations: Defence Aspects.

  • Evolution of Warfare.

  • Military History of India Since Independance.

  • National Security of India.

  • Regional Security & Cooperation.

Programme Learning Outcomes relating to Defence and Strategic Studies (Undergraduate Level Course)

  • Upon completion of the Course in Defence and Strategic Studies, a student should have acquired basic competency in strategic affairs covering a wide spectrum of interstate security to global security issues including non-kinetic dimensions. Shall develop capability in understanding the implications of use and threat of use of force in International relations.

  • Shall seek, identify and apply the acquired knowledge in defence and strategic studies on contemporary issues of strategic relevance.

  • Ability to move from LOTS (Lower Order of Thinking Skills) to HOTS (Higher Order of Thinking Skills) in Defence and Strategic Studies.

  • The learning of strategic studies shall arm the candidates to independently choose further course of action in his/her life whether pursuing higher education by taking specialized course in honours or identifying a career for himself or herself.

Career Opportunities

  • Officer in Indian Army

  • Officer in Para Military Forces

  • Army Education Core

  • Defence Ananyst

  • Defence Journalism

  • Security Agencies

  • Special Vacancies in Reliance Group

  • Recomendation in State Police Forces



Department of Defence & Strategic Studies
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Department of Defence & Strategic Studies

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Department of Defence & Strategic Studies

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Department of Defence & Strategic Studies

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Department of Defence & Strategic Studies



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