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Feedback is an important tool rather a gift to improve ourselves. As Brene Brown says “If we shield ourselves from all the feedback, we stop growing”.  So, feedback keeps us going and let ourselves improve and grow. Honest feedback from stakeholders truly helps institution to grow. It motivates us to continuously evolve ourselves and not spend another year doing the same thing all over again. Feedback makes us work on ourselves to improve the institute. General Shivdev Singh Diwan Gurbachan Singh Khalsa College Patiala has designed mechanism to collect feedback from its stakeholders using structured feedback forms. Every department organizes meetings with CRs to get feedback about the class, teachers and curriculum to gauge their satisfaction level. Old Students give their suggestions which prove to be very constructive for the institute. Valuable suggestions are given by parents during PTA meets for the betterment of teaching, administration, library, infrastructure etc. Teachers give valuable suggestions on scope of improvement in curriculum, teaching facilities and co-operation of the institute with them. Feedback is collected from employers about curriculum and performance of our students. From analysis the strengths and weakness are traced and remedial measures are taken to improve the working of Institute. The Feedback is obtained from all stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, alumni and employers. The feedback analysis is a mechanism to check the effectiveness of teaching learning process along with administrative activities taking place in the institute.
For the growth and success of any organizations, it is mandatory to follow certain rules & ethics and feedback system is one that we follow honestly. It comes with a lot of benefits and merits which help us to retain our policies and improve upon them. All kinds of feedback are taken constructively and suggestions are incorporated for the better. It helps us to optimize our performance and be successful.  
All sorts of feedbacks and suggestions prod us to attain the pinnacle of growth and success in achieving our objectives.
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