Library Rules

  1. Every student can get three books issued at a time for 14 days.
  2. Students will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/- per book per day if not deposited at the proper time.
  3. Magazines and reference books which have pictures/maps are not allowed to be taken out of the library without Principal's permission.
  4. Librarian has the right to demand the books back under urgency.
  5. Damaged or lost books have to be replaced or double amount will have to be paid. If the lost book is the part of a whole set, then the double price of whole of the set will have to be deposited.
  6. Students cannot lend the book to any other student.
  7. Once issued, the same book will not be issued to the same student if someone else needs it.
  8. If Identity card is lost, student can get a duplicate card only if F.I.R. is shown and a fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged.
  9. Library security will be refunded within one year of leaving the college.
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