Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment of the learning levels of students start right after the admission process and there is an appropriate mechanism to achieve the purpose.  Induction programmes are held for all students where students are given a good orientation of the college, briefing them on the facilities and opportunities available from various platforms. At the very onset of the session, breaking the ice sessions make students shed their inhibitions and be comfortable in the college environment.
Guardian teachers assess the learning level of the students. Following this assessment, strategy is made to use English, Hindi and Punjabi language in the classes so that every student understands the lessons. Regular feedback is taken to know the satisfaction level of the learners.
Special programs for advanced and slow learners help students carve a niche for themselves in the field that they find close of their heart. Booster classes are held for bright students and they are encouraged to write, participate and present research papers in seminars, conferences, workshops and webinars. Good speakers and writers are motivated to represent College in Inter College debate & declamation and essay writing competitions. The students who excel in Academics, Cultural Activities, Sports are provided certificates, awards and scholarships to recognize their merit. Library offers them facility to get books from book bank.
Remedial, Extra, Doubt, Revision and Crash-Course Classes strive to bring slow learners at par with the advanced learners. English speaking classes, Soft Skills and Skill Development programmes get enrolment from the students who are keen to find their potential in these areas. Some students who excel in Academics take up the course of further studies and some students become champions in Cultural Activities and some become heroes in Sports and many from them learn some skills and set up their independent business. Special seminars make slow learners find their feet in skill development programs. Dr. Ganda Singh Career, Guidance and Counselling Cell closely monitors the progress of these classes.
Mid Semester Tests, Class Tests, Oral Tests, Monthly Tests, Discussions, Seminars & Presentations and Assignments help teachers track the progress of the students in Academics. Appropriate and adequate strategies are chalked out to bring equity. It is mandatory for all students to participate in co-curricular activities regularly undertaken by all departments.
In this way all students learn according to their potential and talent. No life remains untouched. In short, the objective of the institution is to make students independent, self-reliant and capable to adapt in all situations.
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