Program Outcomes

Under Graduates

  • Students will apply the scientific knowledge acquired in classrooms and labs in real-life situations and work environment.
  • Internalize the importance of arts that will enable them to become skilled professionals.
  • Become empowered individuals who will emerge as entrepreneurs and be employed in various administrative positions in the central and state governments and also in the non- governmental sector.
  • Engage in independent and life-long learning, especially through MOOCs and other online courses to acclimatize themselves in an ever changing work environment.
  • Become competent, committed, conscious, creative, and compassionate men and women for and with others.
  • To recognize the need, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the context of an ever-changing world.

Post Graduate

  • Students will apply the knowledge of the respective domain of knowledge and specialization to the solution of complex problems in professional, social and personal life.
  • Develop a multidisciplinary perspective and contribute to the knowledge capital of the world in general and the country in particular.
  • Acquire communication and presentation skills and become employable in the job market.
  • Critically review research literature and pursue socially relevant research to solve problems with sustainable approach and create new knowledge in their respective domain
  • Develop sensitivity for social issues and become proactive citizens.
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