Program Outcomes

Under Graduates
  • Students will be able to apply their acquired holistic knowledge for local, national,regional and global needs.
  • Emerge as determined, devoted, dynamic, dedicated and disciplined individuals.
  • Enhance the professional competencies and soft skills of the students.
  • Acquire the specific skill sets pertaining to their subject area which will empower the students to be entrepreneurs or be employed in governmental or nongovernmental sector.
  • Become responsive to the need of lifelong learning in order to adapt to the changing social patterns.
  • Understand scientific, analytical, ethical and creative principles that underpin their specific subject area.
Post Graduate
  • Students will be able to integrate the specificity of the knowledge of their subject area with their chosen organization's goods or services.
  • Trained to adopt and adapt to the advancement in technologies and new trends in the disciplinary grounded avenues.
  • Acquire a multidisciplinary approach to analyze and redefine the emerging challenges in order to create innovate solutions in the entrepreneurial, employability and skill sector.
  • Imbibe professional and managerial expertise with highest standards of actuarial ethical conduct.
  • Develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills for successful professional careers.
  • Become morally upright and responsive citizens focused upon finding solutions to the social issues.


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