Curriculum Innovation

Innovation is the key to success and innovation in curriculum is the safest and the master key to unlock blocks. Besides traditional programmes, our college is a hub of vocational courses and skill enhancement programmes and these platforms throb with activity throughout the year. These centers are locus of imparting skill to those students who have the will to learn. We firmly believe that lives can be transformed by skill empowerment. These courses focus on generating employability skills and entrepreneurship development. These skills teach communication, organization, team work, punctuality, emotional quotient, critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, computer literacy and inclusiveness.
All programmes have tagged Programme Outcomes, Programme Specific Outcomes and Course Outcomes on the syllabi. These outcomes present clearly and concisely the strengths of the particular programme. Students can visit the college website and choose a programme according to their interest. These outcomes allow students to know what they will learn in that specific programme, which skill of theirs will be honed, which entrepreneurship skills they will learn, if the programme will generate employability. At the end of the session, it is ensured that course outcome aligns with Programme Specific Outcome and Programme Outcome.  If there is a gap between Attained Target and Overall Course Outcome attainment, it is considered as not satisfactory attainment. Then we revise our lesson plan and update it to plug the gap between the two. This helps to make a good estimate of the satisfaction level of the syllabus. Our mission gets accomplished only when learners receive what exactly we try to deliver them.
The curriculum also gets the approval of experts during Board of Studies (BOS) meetings. The panel of Board of Studies is constituted in such a way that it gets representation from academia, industry, researchers, reformers, alumni, parents and society. The suggestions are incorporated in the curriculum honestly and it is placed for approval to the Academic Council. Ideas given by them get added earnestly in the syllabus and then finally the evolved syllabus sees the light of the day.


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