Our institution has an empowering vision, "Strive for Perfection and Settle for Excellence" and in this vision lies our distinctiveness. Our vision is a combination of two verbs, two adjectives, two prepositions and one important conjunction does the major tasks of joining them together. This fabulous garland of our vision is worn by every member of the college and inspires them to be perfect and excellent for our commitment to the cause of education. Today as we have evolved as a gateway to excellence, we owe our success to this garland of vision that we all carry with us at all times.  This garland helps us prove ourselves not only in academics but also in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The constant buzz of activities bears testimony to the rich tapestry that characterizes us.

Perfection, excellence and quality are the keywords in every effort that we make. At General Shivdev Singh Diwan Gurbachan Singh Khalsa College Patiala, every endeavour is towards making students responsible citizens, sound decision makers and empowered work force. We aim to make them time and market relevant, globally competent, spiritually sublime, socially responsible, ethically strong and morally upright students. We firmly believe that this investment in knowledge, information and practice is the best investment and it pays off high dividends. Every department makes a conscious effort to engage students in meaningful discussions.

Academic calendar displayed in every department highlights various activities, seminars, conferences, workshops, extension lectures, special occasions, special days, awareness camps and rallies, charity and donation programs, tours, visits and excursions to give a good exposure to students. Completion of syllabus is not just our agenda but to surge ahead with excellence and to chisel the personality of our students so that when they leave the protected, warm environment of the college, they don’t get confused and disoriented rather stay afloat in any challenging situation.

The institution takes every initiative to help grow its faculty to deliver first class knowledge to students. They are encouraged to learn from experts of their fields. They are given duty leaves to participate in orientation programs, refresher courses, faculty development programs and workshops. The college also organizes these programs regularly for the teaching as well as non-teaching staff so that they cater to the needs of the students efficiently.

Extra-curricular activities, popular in the college, focus on honing the personality of the students. Such important platforms give a wonderful exposure to the students which last with them throughout their lives. Many students emerge as leaders, speakers, artists, dancers, painters, writers, motivators, photographers and establish themselves as professionals and many of them have opened their schools and academies throughout the world.

During PTA meets, parents visit college, meet the teachers and learn about the performance of their wards in academics, sports and cultural activities. The expression of gratitude in their eyes makes every teacher proud of his/her effort for their beloved students and they work harder than before to build the lives of students. Satisfaction of all stakeholders is our only aim.

Our alumni often visit college to express their satisfaction to their teachers and mentors about the several life skills that they learnt at the college. They marvel to visit stadiums, auditoriums, classrooms, library and canteen where they made memories years ago and won laurels for the college. They offer their services to teach, coach, mentor and train the students and they do make their contribution to help their juniors and thus give back to the society. They have a regular presence at all Board of Studies and IQAC meetings with their invaluable inputs. They apprise us about the needs of the job market so that we can design our syllabi accordingly. Their funds have been utilized to maintain OSA Park and a recent wonderful addition is the installation of solar lights in the campus.

We take it upon ourselves that the students should be morally and ethically educated as well. It is our strong belief that along with intelligence quotient, emotional quotient plays an equal role to bring out the best in them. To achieve this aim, they are made to take oaths that they would always look after their elders, respect them and learn from them. Sitting with elders, lending ear to them is like sitting for hours in the library. The distinct achievement that we take pride in is our offering an alternate culture to our students. Our dream is to build a value based society where students can empathize with the other. Gurdwara Sahib at our college celebrates special days to mark respect to gurus and their teachings. Many clubs, wings, cells, associations, centers, societies and other platforms teach moral and ethical values to its students as without these values, education is incomplete. They are made to imbibe the valuable lesson of respecting their country, state, language, culture and people.

The college generously invests in inviting resource persons from all over the globe to give a world class exposure to its students. We are dedicated to make the lives of our children extraordinary. By inviting or connecting them through video conferencing, our invited speakers prepare hard to prepare our students to learn something every day and apply that knowledge in everyday life. All our efforts in this direction are synonymous with quality and value. Our goal is to continue being creative and progressive to groom the personality of our students. Under one such  initiative, our students visited Synergy University Russia to have a world class exposure of knowledge.

The process of chiseling of personalities prepares a work force that is a force to reckon with. Our placement cell further organizes seminars to make students abreast of opportunities available in the market and hosts personality development, communication skills and mock interview sessions to check the status of their preparedness, to take a stock of their knowledge. For this, the cell invites worthy persons who are renowned for mentoring students. Rigorous trainings, booster classes keep the students busy and the campus is abuzz with the discussions and deliberations. One can listen to the students discussing with each other, learning from each other and visiting library and consulting their seniors and teachers for any doubts they might have.

Many interface programmes devoted to making societies resilient are organized where students are sensitized to make a society that is harmonious, happy and believes in the maxim of live and let live. Valuable lessons of tolerance, co-existence, patience, harmonious living teach the students that life is a beautiful bouquet of different people who might have different views, approach, attitude, idea, perspective, values and circumstances and that they have to ignore, condone, forgive and forget a few things to keep their lives happy. They should celebrate differences and should strive to make earth a happy place. The differences make this life worth living for.

In present times students are battling with the disorders of anxiety and depression. We understand that alienation and loneliness is troubling our youth. We, at our college, have prepared an antidote to these disorders. Our flagship programme of providing alternate culture strives to create healthy music, songs, poems and stories so that our students can redefine their life and not get lured by the misconstrued glorifications.

Our NCC and NSS departments enroll students in large numbers, who after completing their programmes, exit college as its brand ambassadors and since they embody our values and ethics, they spread positive messages about us wherever they go. These vibrant and robust platforms, not only help students gain additional points during their job interviews and boost their careers, but also make wholesome personalities out of them.

In short, our students are our asset and to shape their lives is our only dream.

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