Institutional Distinctiveness

The thrust of the mission and vision of the institution is to shape the personalities of the students holistically, so that they become the personification of competency, uprightness and responsibility. The institution pays special focus upon imparting education to its students which is time and market relevant. The application of this focalised education to a curriculum produces transformational learning. The instruction identifies the need to equip the learner with the knowledge base which transforms him into a productive resource of the society. With the aim of fulfilling this objective the following steps are undertaken:

• The ongoing courses are regularly updated to make the curriculum suitable to the requirements of employability in the global arena.

• The representatives from the industry/ corporate sector/allied area related to placement form an essential part of the formation of the Board of Studies of the college which along with exhaustive discussions with the academicians frame the syllabi which aims to balance the twin demand of wholesomeness of knowledge and skill creation.

• The achievement of the employability factor is insured through intensive training of the students by organising workshops and training programs. The syllabi itself is framed on the lines of equipping the students with the empirical knowledge which makes their theoretical knowledge functional.

The institute explicitly emphasises upon building the students’ global competency.The students are trained to acquire skills, values and behaviours required for successful relationships and transactions in the reciprocally connected world. The institute provides the students with the platform to gain experience of the international thought systems and working environment through:

• Organising regular international conferences, seminars and workshops for the students which provides important opportunities to the students to interact with the world renowned academicians.

• As an annual feature, students and faculty members of the college visited Synergy University, Moscow, Russia. They have gained a keen insight into the variety of perspectives, communicated their ideas and helped in the integration of knowledge.

The institute aims to transform the students into morally upright and socially responsible citizens.The college imbues the sensibility of the students with the capability of transfiguring of information into knowledge and intelligence into wisdom. The students are:

• Instilled with the rich legacy of their cultural heritage through the observance of the religious and spiritual discourses.

• The social responsibility is engendered among the students through undertaking social service activities like: Blood Donation Camps, Swatch Bharat Initiative Camps and Communal Harmony Campaign, Volunteering help at Old Age Homes, Lepers’ Colony and Home of Destitute.

• It is emphasised that the moral uprightness be instilled in the students so that they become responsible citizens of the world community.

• Students are encouraged to do community service:

  1. They tirelessly work in communal kitchen to offer ‘Langar’ to the poor and needy
  2. ‘Spreading Happiness’ is an initiative of Bravehearts Club of PG Department of English, Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages to share the bounties of life with the weaker sections of the society
  3. ‘Divinity Club’ of School of Commerce & Management emphasises upon the spiritual and internal well being of the students
  4. ‘Ardaas Foundation’ of School of Commerce & Management inspires the students to share useful items with the underprivileged sections of the society 

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