Master of Science in Physics (M.Sc. Physics)

Duration : 2 years

Total Seats : 30

Eligibility : The Candidate must have passed B.Sc (with Physics as a full subject) from any recognized Indian University.


Semester - I

P1.1.1      Mathematical Methods of Physics

P1.1.2      Classical Mechanics

P1.1.3      Electronics-I

P1.1.4      Classical Electrodynamics

P1.1.5      i) Optics and Laser  Laboratory

                 ii) Electronics Laboratory

P1.1.6      Computer Laboratory

Semester - II

P1.2.1      Mathematical Methods of Physics-II

P1.2.2      Advanced Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics

P1.2.3      Electronics  II

P 1.2.4     Quantum Mechanics

P 1.2.5     i) Optics and Laser Laboratory

                 ii) Electronics Laboratory

P 1.2.6     Computer Laboratory

Semester - III

P 2.1.1      Condensed Matter Physics-I

P 2.1.2      NuclearPhysics

P2.1.3      Laser Physics

P 2.1.4      Statistical Mechanics

P 2.1.5      Advanced Quantum Mechanics

P 2.1.6      Laboratory Practice

Semester - IV

P 2.2.1      Condensed Matter Physics-II

P 2.2.2      Nuclear and Particle Physics

P 2.2.3      Advanced Electronics

P 2.2.4


P 2.2.5      Any two of the followings :

                   i)      Experimental techniques in Physics

                   ii)     Radiation Physics

                   iii)    Computational Methods and Simulations

                   iv)    High Energy Physics

                   v)     Space physics

                   vi)    Theoretical Nuclear Physics

P 2.2.6            Laboratory Practice