Important Instructions

1. Admission will be made as per rules / instructions of  Punjabi University, Patiala.

2. Each Candidate shall fill up the admission form neatly in his/her own handwriting for admission to different programmes offered by the  college and shall submit the form in the college office.

3. The following documents are to be attached with the admission form:

    a) Four copies of latest Passport size coloured photographs with light background at specified places.

    b) Attested photocopies of following certificates:

          i) Matriculation certificate.

         ii) Detail Marks card of qualifying examination.

         iii) Character certificate from the Principal of the Institution/College last attended.               

         iv) If there is a gap in studies, self attested certificate of gap year.

          v) Migration certificate from previous University/Board other than Punjab Board or Punjabi University, Patiala.

          vi) Reserved category / sub-category certificate from the competent authority.

4. No-objection certificate from the employer in case the candidate is in service.

5. An affidavit pledging the payment of balance fee and funds for the entire period of the course before discontinuing studies in between or before migration.

6. Students will fill admission form and register themselves with the college before commencement of each semester. Without this, no student will be permitted to attend classes.

7. Passed out students are advised to seek refund of the college security within one year from the declaration of the result of final semester/year failing which the security amount will be forfeited and no refund will be made.

8. Fees will be refunded as per University/ Management / UGC / Govt. rules.

9. Students may take NCC/NSS as per rules and should contact the teacher in-charge.

10. A student can opt for Elementary Punjabi under following conditions :

     I) Those students who have passed their Matric Examination outside the State of Punjab and have not opted Punjabi Subject

       ii) Wards of Defence Personnel/Para-Military Personnel can also opt for Elementary Punjabi.

       iii)  Children of NRI, NRE and Foreign students.

       iv) In case of such other candidates where the Vice-Chancellor feels expendient, he may have the opinion of the Foreign Students Advisor.

11. An eligibility certificate is required for the candidates, passing his/her qualifying exam from any board  other than Punjab School Education Board, Haryana and Himachal School Education Board, CBSE & ICSE Board.

12. Reservation of seats will be as per university rules.

13. In the event of a student/candidate withdrawing before the starting of the course, the fees will be refunded as per UGC/Government/University/Management rules.

Important Rules

1. The Principal shall have the right to reject the candidature of any student seeking admission without giving any reasons.

2. Regular attendance shall be compulsory during the first week of the session. Absentees will lose their seats and the Fee & Funds paid by them shall be forfeited. Such vacant seats shall be offered to the next candidate in the order of merit.

3. Admission Committee's decision regarding the merit of the student shall be final. The committee may refuse admission to any candidate.

4. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. It is cognizable offence as per directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. In case of any problem, the students are advised to contact any member of Anti-Ragging Cell. On the time of admission the student should submit affidavit for Anti-Ragging.

5. Attendance of the minimum 75% of delivered lectures in each paper will constitute the basic eligibility for each Semester/Annual examination along with clearance of conditions in House examination. However, shortage of lectures in respect of students representing the Institute in the University/ State/ National sports events and youth activities with the prior permission of the Principal shall be condoned up to 10%. First Semester students will be required to register with the Institute and pay the fee before the last date given by the University failing which, the admission will be cancelled.

6. Students of Odd/Even semester (Except 1st Semester) will be required to register with the college and deposit fee at the commencement of the session during the dates notified. After the notified dates, the fee will be accepted with Rs. 100/- per day as late fee fine for the next seven days and Rs. 200/- late fee fine per day for further seven days. After 2 weeks of commencement of session, no student will be registered with the college.

7. Students, who are not permitted to appear in semester examination due to shortage of attendance, will be required to register for course/courses in the corresponding subequent semester by paying tuition fee and other charges as fixed by the college.

8. The Principal will have the right to cancel admission of any student on disciplinary grounds during the course at any time.

9. Admission obtained on the basis of mis-statement or fake documents or hiding of material information can lead to rustication from the college.

10. Carrying of lethal weapons like gun, revolver or other sharp edged weapons is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

11. Drinking, smoking and drugs are strictly prohibited in the college.

12. Use of mobile phones inside the college campus is not permitted. Fine of Rs. 200/- will be imposed if any student is found using mobile phone in the campus.

13. Any student who is found absent from the class without prior permission will be imposed a fine of Rs. 10/- per period and Rs. 50/- for the whole day. Names of students who remain absent continuously for ten days without prior permission will be struck off from the college rolls.

14. Girl students of the college can leave the college after the 1 p.m. only. However, if any of the girls wants to leave early, she should submit her application, to the concerned head of the department.

15. Parents/Guardian are advised to attend Parent-Teacher meetings regularly to get the information of attendance and  performance of their wards.

      Schedule of PTA meetings

                08th  October, 2016      Sat. 10.00 AM

                11th  March, 2017            Sat. 10.00 AM

                Venue : College Seminar Hall

16 Discipline and Dress code : All the students must be decently dressed in the college and should be carrying Identity Card. Boys must come in trousers and shirts tucked in, Wearing of Patka, Caps and Goggles are not permitted in the college campus. For Sikh boys, wearing of turban is compulsory.

Summer Uniform : White suit and navy blue dupatta for girls and white shirt, grey pants and navy blue turban  for  boys

 Winter Uniform : White suit and navy blue dupatta and blue blazer for girls and white shirt, grey pants, blue blazer, navy blue tie and navy blue  turban for boys.

Note : Dress code will be enforced for two days of the week i.e; Monday and Friday and it will be compulsory for all organized academic and cultural activities such as Industrial visits, Seminars, Presentations, Guest lectures, Viva-Voce/Practical examination, Campus Interviews and Annual Prize Distribution Function. If a student fails to follow the dress code or is not wearing the Identity Card, he/she will be fined Rs. 100/- and debarred from the activities.

Library Rules :

1. Every student can get three books issued at a time for 14 days.

2. Students will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/- per book per day if not deposited at the proper time.

3.Magazines and reference books which have pictures/maps are not allowed to be taken out of the library without Principal's permission.

4. Librarian has the right to demand the books back under urgency.

5. Damaged or lost books have to be replaced or double amount will have to be paid. If the lost book is the part of a whole set, then the double price of whole of the set will have to be deposited.

6. Students cannot lend the book to any other student.

7. Once issued, the same book will not be issued to the same student if some one else needs it.

8.If Identity card is lost, student can get a duplicate card only if F.I.R. is shown and a fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged.

9. Library security will be refunded within one year of leaving the college.

Rules for Parking :

1.Parking is not allowed without token, if any student does not take token, he/she will be himself/herself responsible for any loss.

2. College Management is not responsible for loss of any valuable left in the vehicle.

3. Token has to be returned while leaving the college.

4. A fine of Rs. 50/- in case of loss of token will be charged.

5. Students are not allowed to bring Car/Jeep or any four wheeler in the campus, only two wheelers are allowed.



The college has applied for autonomous status to UGC, New Delhi from the session 2016-17 and if granted, it will enjoy autonomy in examination, curriculum framing and course designing. It is to be noted that affiliation with Punjabi University, Patiala will continue as usual and degrees will be awarded by the University.