Khalsa College, Patiala organized a visit to Mandi Board, Patiala for the students of CommunityCollege in Green House Technology.

Mr. Garinderpal Singh, Secretary Mandi Committee, Patiala imparted information regarding different types of schemes which were under the supervision of Govt. of India. He told about the new scheme on how to maintain and use vegetable wastes (Leaves, Roots, shoots etc.) from the sabji Mandi, Patiala and convert into organic compost.

Gurinderpal Singh also started this scheme in Mandi Board, Patiala to use vegetable wastage, after disposable of wood and nails, which were then converted to organic compost and supplied to the farmer. The chief motive behind this was to reduce the wastage and pollution from the Mandi. This inspiration as taken from Bhagat Puran Singh, Pingalwada, Amritsar who already used this scheme. He also said that there is an urgent need to spread awareness among the farmer regarding the harmful effect of burning the straw/hay from the crops as is reduces the soil fertility.

He also emphasized that Government of India is taken steps in order to equip the farmers with various techniques such as Agriculture insurance, Switch farmers to the organic farming, Marketing for the flowers. A special team visited the villages and gave lectures regarding soil and water testing and different methods to grow and maintain the crops. He told about the importance of water and trees and their role in maintaining ecological balance. To reduce the wastage of money and to check the cost of production for agricultural crop and to check their benefit cost ratio, he told the farmer about the corporative system.

Mr. Rajinder Kumar, Accordant and Mr. Harpreet Singh Chahal, Inspector told about the processing of crop starting from unloading to filling and upto transport to warehouses. Information was also given regarding the use of moisture meter to check the moisture present in the wheat crop. The recommended moisture present in the wheat crop is 11% which can be stored upto two to three years.

Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha, Principal of the college said that such educational visits prove to be fruitful for imparting practical knowledge to the students regarding the latest techniques of waste disposal and its recycling and reuse.

This visit was under the supervision of Dr. Harpreet kaur, Prof. Jasbir Singh Dhiman and Prof. Gurwinder Singh.