Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

(B.Sc. Agriculture)

Duration: 4 Years

Total Seats: 80

Eligibility: 50% marks in aggregate in 10+2

 (Medical/ Non-Medical)


Semester I

P 1      English

P 2      Agro-Climatology

P 3      Floriculture & Landscaping

P 4      Biochemistry

P 5      Optional

            (a Mathematics 

            (b Biology

P 6       Punjabi

Semester II

P 6      Optional : Hindi or   Punjabi or Urdu or English

P 7      Microbiology

P 8      Agronomy

P 9      Agrochemicals

P 10    Optional

            10-(a) Mathematics*

            10-(b) Biology**

P 11     Punjabi

*           Mathematics for Medical students

**         Biology for Non-Medical Students

Semester III

P 1      English

P 2      Soil Science

P 3      Elements of Vegetable Growing

P 4      Agricultural Engineering & Land Surveying

P 5      Animal Husbandry

P 6      Punjabi (Qualifying Paper)


P 7      Principles of Economics

P 8      Animal Management & Breeding

P 9      Basic Botany

P 10    Field Crops

P 11    Manures & Fertilizers

P  12    Environmental Studies & Road Safety Awareness (Qualifying Paper)


I      Agriculture Economics

II     Soil & Water Management

III    Horticulture-I  (Pomology)

IV    Plant Pathology-I

V     Crop Botany-I


VI    Statistical Methods

VII   Dairying

VIII  Plant Pathology-II

IX   Crop Botany-II

X      Agricultural Entomology


I  Entomology

II  Applied Statistics

III  Agronomy/Soil Science/Pomology-I

IV  Agronomy/Soil Science/Pomology-II

V   Practical Field Training

Semester VIII

VI   Horticulture-II

VII  Agriculture Extension

VIII  Farm Management Products and Economics

IX   Agronomy/Soil Science/Pomology-III

X   Practical/Field Training